Saturday, June 9, 2018


My leave is just finishing up this weekend but it’s been a wonderful rest.  My mom’s side of the family got together and basically for the first time since my childhood we had almost the whole family in one place. Four generations were all together, except for one branch of the family out east, but it was pretty impressive anyway given work/leave and the fact that at least two families are mostly overseas. I’d share the photos but everyone is rightly concerned with privacy. Instead you’ll have to just picture all the happy moments for yourself. 

*the Kansas cousins taking their Paraguayan cousin for a walk holding hands
*showing all the kids our childhood mulberry tree and getting our fingers and faces stained
*trying (and failing) to catch fireflies
*watching my brother and niece jump waves at the beach 
*hunting sand dollars with my mom
*my dad and brother going for a round of golf for the first time in years
*picking veggies out of the garden for dinner

It’s just been great to see the next generation of the family together and see my generation as responsible adults. It really has been that long! 

This is definitely one of the major challenges going back out overseas. I forget that life back home is passing just as quickly and I really am missing out. But thanks family for giving me so many great reasons to keep coming back! My apartment in São Paulo is at your disposal anytime!

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