Sunday, June 3, 2018


I’m starting to realize that a house is more of an ongoing project than a one time investment, but I’m still happy to report that the house is officially occupiable! Our three page list of tasks miraculously got checked off - with a huge amount of labor by my very gracious uncle who came to do basically everything that required skills and to fix whatever the rest of us screwed up. While he and my dad and the guys did the final construction my mom and I basically shopped til we dropped. I wouldn’t call the shopping a fun experience exactly - being cheap and indecisive makes that kind of thing a challenge - but it was so rewarding to see the house start looking more like a home every day. When we first arrived, for instance, everyone was sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags, they didn’t have shower curtains or towel rods or even toilet paper holders, and they were eating off paper plates on the patio furniture. Being around to set up the beds and kitchen and all the rest was awesome. I felt like quite the hostess being able to serve food at a real table!

Once my brother and his family arrived we also got a chance to see how the house actually works for the family.  Good news - everyone (we had a max of 8 at one time) fit just fine and it didn’t feel crowded at all.  And even without tv and internet, which will be set up later, we didn’t get bored.  The beach kept us plenty occupied.

We even got to experience our first tropical storm which luckily didn’t end up turning into a hurricane though it was intense enough for me! No real damage though we did get a good reminder not to leave so much of our junk outside.

So, the project we started back in Jan/Feb 2015 is finally a fait accompli! I hope it will host many more family reunions in the years to come and that lots of friends and family and even some strangers get the chance to enjoy it.

And of course - photos!

Sadly, I forgot to take 'before' photos when I arrived - I was too excited to get started!
Mom got some though!  These are the master bathroom.

Thanks Mom for taking these 'after' pictures! They don't show the very latest updates, but since I forgot to take 'after' pictures  at all... they're the best! Also, I LOVE the tub.  Best decision ever.

So... I failed to get a true 'before' picture - when this room was just a pile of construction supplies - or a true 'after' picture - when we had cleaned up the mess and staged it like on TV.  Just know that it was cleaner.

Eating at a table. So civilized.

Bedrooms! This is before the addition of artwork, but you can use your imagination.

And finally, our little 'welcome to the neighborhood' storm

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