Sunday, April 1, 2018

Update March 31

Another week of big progress in Florida (and dubious Portuguese progress here in DC).  It’s been really exciting to see the photos roll in.  Since my last update the team has:

  • Finished most of the porch railings

  • Tiled the bathrooms - very excited about that!

(Ignore the two missing tiles - they're being replaced. )

  • Stained the stair treads and painted the risers

  • And extended the flooring into the kitchen, dining room and living room. There’s now just one more room to go and flooring will be finished. Hallelujah!

There has also been a lot of progress on all the trim which still needs to be finished up. In short, it’s getting really close.  The team had to wrap things up for this trip but they’re headed back in a few weeks and in the meantime we’re expecting the electrician to come and install all the light fixtures and do the final electrical setup, the tiling guy will finish all bathroom tile, and the plumber should hopefully come and install/hookup all the bathroom and kitchen fixtures.  Oh and the countertops will be installed.  Once the team gets back they’ll be finishing railings, interior doors, interior trim, adding a ladder to the bunkroom, installing the risers and treads on the stairs, and installing the last room’s flooring. Then I think it will be time for the big shopping spree to fit the house out with beds and couches and dishes and it will finally (hopefully) be done, done, done! I’m tentatively planning a trip myself in the next few months. Cross your fingers for me that it will work out!  The whole building process has been an adventure and it's gratifying to see it come together but it will be nice to have the spending part over and done with.

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