Sunday, April 22, 2018

House update - April 22

We are what I would describe as “agonizingly close” to receiving the occupancy certificate for the beach house. Which you get when the construction itself is finished, even if the house isn’t furnished and decorated yet. This week the team is back in town and have so far finished the railings on the outside stairs and all the trim except in the study which is going to have to wait since it’s being used as a staging area for some other projects.  The electrician has installed half of the lights and fans - and will hopefully be back tomorrow to finish that up.  The kitchen countertops are half done (which makes a world of difference).  And the tiler is just finishing up the showers.

Yet to finish: flooring and trim in the study, hanging the remaining interior doors, the other half of the countertops, installation of the interior stairs (which have been primed and painted), railings for said interior stairs, railings for two exterior decks, and I guess just finishing work from the tiler, electrician and plumber.

Just a few pictures today but next week I should hopefully get some more. And it’s looking more and more likely that I’ll be there in May for a week or so to add my own final touches and give it the final ok. Soooo excited to visit my own house! Wish there was time for me to really live in it for awhile but maybe next time I'm on home leave.  And as a bonus it looks like I might get some or all of my (immediate) family members to join for a mini-reunion.

Ate logo! (Talk to you soon!)

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