Sunday, March 25, 2018

Update March 25

First things first - I just realized that I completely forgot to mention the fact that my nephew was born two weeks ago. Welcome to the world little William!  I think his folks are following a no social media policy for both kids, so you’ll have to use your imagination, but he’s super cute and seeing his big sister so excited to have him around has been really sweet as well. I can’t wait until they can all make it up to the States. And even before that, once I’m down in São Paulo I’ll have a chance to visit the whole South American clan in person.

Meanwhile, back in DC, I have something like one month to go with Portuguese. We’ve pretty much got all the grammar now (finally) and it’s just a matter of actually using it speeds that wouldn’t put a native speaker to sleep. The city itself is sloooowly warming up after an actual blizzard this Wednesday.  Yesterday (a very exciting day to be out on the town) the weather was actually quite beautiful. Maybe there’s hope for spring after all.

And in Florida the construction team is working miracles, with several major tasks getting wrapped up this week.  They built the bunk beds for the bunk room - I’m already having fun imagining my niece and nephew staying there - installed the flooring in the entire upper level, painted the railings, doors and trim and started installing them, and finished the decks and outside stair treads. The big items left are the counter installation in the kitchen and pretty much everything in the bathrooms. There was a significant delay in the delivery of our tile, which didn't help things, and unfortunately our tiler hasn't been able to spend as much time at the house as we'd like, but at least he's there now, making slow and steady progress.  Once he's done we can move in all the bathroom fixtures and the plumber can connect it all. I’m also anxious to get the electricity and water turned on so my team can be a bit more comfortable there during the day. At least they’ve moved in a lot of the furniture, for napping and other purposes. ;)

Master bedroom

The hallway upstairs showing MB (left) and guest room (right)

Moving in the appliances

Vent hood is up - and you can make out the dishwasher tucked in near the window

Doors! And trim! It looks sooooo ready.

Bunk room, into the upstairs hall

The bunks! Just need a ladder. And some actual beds. ;)

Exterior stairs

Porch railings, ready to go in and prevent falls off the porches (yay!)

And of course, back in DC... It's so hard to believe this was less than a week ago.

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