Sunday, February 18, 2018

Update Feb 18

I hope you aren't yet sick of house updates because that's pretty much the only interesting thing I have to share with you - and probably will be for awhile. Although with some awesome weather finally breaking through the winter gloom I have high hopes that I'll turn into a big DC-area adventurer in the last few months I have here in town. 

But in the meantime - more progress photos!

First off - the inside is getting a bit more polished. The drywall has been 'mudded' and some interior trim is being installed. 
Basically looking from the back of the first floor towards the front door - living room on the left, dining room and kitchen on the right. I like to see how much natural light is making it's way in - even with the covered porches.

Just to compare - before the drywall is mudded all the nail holes and seams showing.  I believe there's another step to finish out the process which they'll be wrapping up early next week.  

Also - we're getting some big items delivered.  Like the fridge and all of the kitchen cabinetry (I'll post separately on the Ikea kitchen planning process but let me just agree that while it's worth it in the end the online design program you have to use is maddeningly glitchy).  Oh, and not to forget my one and only 'must-have' luxury in the house - a clawfoot tub.  Every time I insisted on the tub I felt a little bit like the mom in The Client saying all she ever wanted was a white house and a walk-closet.  I've never been picky on closets but I do really love a clawfoot tub so when it showed up I was super excited.  

Looks like a pretty nice kitchen, right? Just a small amount of assembly required...

On the exterior they've started on the back stairs and two of the decks have flooring.  

Next up - railings and screens.  

And there's one more - somewhat random - purchase that pretty much made me jump up and down with excitement this week.  My somewhat wild and crazy mother made this discovery and purchased it before either of us had a chance to chicken out.  May I present to you - the long awaited VESPA!!!!!!!

It even has a matching helmet!  Topping out at 40-45 mph this little beauty will probably live in Florida but there's a remote chance I'll break down after a few months of being car-less in São Paulo and have it shipped there.  But I think it has more of a beach personality, no?

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