Saturday, February 10, 2018

House update Feb 10

It’s been another week of high drama at the construction site and I’m thrilled at how fast things are moving now. My parents and some family and friends all made the trek down to Florida to pitch in and they’ve been doing an awesome job on this home stretch.

As you’ll recall, in my last update the roof was just getting wrapped up and while insulation was done I hadn’t shared any photos of the interior in quite a while. I’m pleased to report that in the last week they’ve finished the drywall, done a bunch of painting on the trim, and all kinds of other hidden but important little tweaks.  Now that they’re in town I’m getting regular photo updates too which I love.

Just a word of warning, the clean look from when there was mostly just a shell? Yeah, that’s been replaced by mess. Good, productive mess though.


Upstairs guest room - facing the water (obviously)

Master bathroom through the closet and into the master bedroom

Kitchen - looking over the "island"

This is the dining room. 

Looking from the kitchen/dining area into the living area.

And exteriors

The posts and trim do look nice all painted, don't they? And you can see the panels (are these soffits maybe?) going in on the underside of the house.  

Oh, yeah, biggest news of all - there are now stairs! 
Sometime in the near future they may even have railings.  

Safety first, second, eventually!

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