Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy 2018!

Just to get things off to a good start I’m putting these resolutions out there TODAY. No procrastinating this year!

New Year’s Resolutions 2018

  • Take tennis lessons for 6 months and/or join a sailing club in São Paulo
  • Play the piano in public - maybe at one of those free airport pianos, maybe in the mall, if I get desperate, in a piano store, we’ll see
  • Learn to bake bread
  • Celebrate all the holidays - in the past I’ve been pretty lazy about decorating, hosting parties, sending cards and all the rest, but this year I will make an effort to actively enjoy the holidays, whether or not I get to spend them with my family
  • Spend a night in my own house!
  • Write 100 pages to submit somewhere for publication. This doesn’t have to be a novel or anything but a total of 100 pages whether that be short stories, opinion pieces, articles, etc. I figure 100 pages is a reasonable goal at only 2 pages per week. Even if I don’t submit it all, having a portfolio of writing attempts might help me get over the fear of putting my work out there.
  • Learn to make cinnamon rolls!
  • Watch the top 50 films according to the American Film Institute. I’ve seen about 38 or so of the top 50 so I have a head start
  • Blog once per week.
  • Be more graceful/gracious. I’m still figuring out exactly what this would entail, but I heard someone comment this year that another woman was ‘such a lady’ and I thought I wanted that to be the kind of thing people say about me too.

So that’s it! Ambitious but not impossible. What about you? What’s on your agenda for this year?

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