Saturday, November 4, 2017

First floor - up!

And now for the most exciting part of the house building process so far - driving up to the construction site, climbing a ladder (they'll add the stairs later) and standing ON (in?) MY HOUSE. So awesome!  

I climbed up, turned around and this was the first thing I saw - the view from my dining room. Of course, the stressful part of building the house isn't over quite yet, but at least it finally feels like a payoff is coming.  

Sadly I won't be sharing all the awesome pictures of me and my family pretending to enjoy the house and staring out the windows into the middle distance - so you'll have to use your imagination on those.

Well, really, the whole thing requires some imagination but if you saw my last post with the floor plans, this is the kitchen, facing more towards the left front corner of the house.

And finally - the view from the front hall - kitchen on the left (close to the camera) and living/dining rooms along the back wall. What you can just see off to the right is the bathroom door and just behind it is the study/downstairs bedroom.

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