Saturday, October 28, 2017

Phase 1: Piles! (stilts for houses)

I'll just pick up where I left off a couple weeks ago - once I had permission to start building from the state and the all-powerful HOA the contractors cleared the land and poured these piles.  The piles are required since it's in a flood zone.  And speaking of flood zones, I got a first hand economics lesson this summer about the cost of flood insurance on the coast. Having sweated my way through hurricane season I definitely see why it's necessary, but the initial bill did sort of take my breath away.  (The news from Houston and the Caribbean also drilled home how blessed I am to be able to afford to not only insure my house but construct a stronger home in the first place. I know most of the people hardest hit didn't have that luxury.)

Just a couple pictures of this phase since I wasn't able to get down to FL to see it myself.

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