Tuesday, September 12, 2017

San Marino

As promised, here are some photos from my weekend trip to San Marino.

I'm so glad my friends were willing and able to make this trip happen - I was much too distracted with sick dogs and moving preparations to do any trip planning myself.  Overall I had a fantastic time and would totally recommend a visit - if you have a car and some serious time on your hands.  It's very difficult to reach San Marino by public transportation and even with a car it took 5-6 hours of (easy highway) driving from Rome.  Not to put you off or anything, just be aware this trip is a real time commitment.

So, back to the fun stuff!  San Marino is a tiny country - only 23.6 square miles and feels like more like a hill town when you visit.   The main thing to see in San Marino is a series of three towers/castles on the highest point of the hill. Two can be toured and there's a nice hiking path that connects all three.  There are also a surprising number of museums given the country's size.  We happened to visit during some sort of comic book festival which added a weird vibe (museum, historic tower, basilica, Spider-Man...) but also gave us lots of great people watching opportunities.

If you go remember to bring your passport - in the center of town at the info point you can have it stamped for 5 euros - and speaking of Euros, you can ask for change in special coins minted just for San Marino.  They make a nice keepsake.  Other than sightseeing and collecting souvenirs, I would highly recommend devoting some serious time to eating. We ate at La Terrazza and it was amazing. (Try the local wine.)

Random fact: San Marino has the most relaxed gun laws in Europe - hence a gun store on seemingly every corner. Considering that there were no vehicle checks or customs when we left I wonder how many of those guns are just floating around the EU?

So there you go! I did make it to another country after all! Here's the proof:

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