Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dog days of summer

These are, quite literally, the dog days for me. Not only is it incredibly hot but I've been dogsitting lately, which has me out and about all the time.

All those 6am walks have renewed my appreciation for my neighborhood (thanks housing board!) - one that will be hard to top again in my career. It's just so effortlessly beautiful (an Italian ideal) and incredibly livable (also very Italian). Why can't we do apartments this way back home? There are little coffee  shops every block or so, and cafes with covered tables on the sidewalk.  There are little details on every building - random sculpture, wrought-iron railings, functioning shutters, immaculate balconies. There are little courtyards with fountains for every building and streets lined with flowering trees. Friendly doormen and little old ladies. Gelato shops, fruit vendors, even a Vespa dealership. Sigh.

I really am going to miss it here.

Below : a photographic ode to my 'hood

And of course, the dog himself, pictured here with real milk delivery. See what I mean? My neighborhood is the best.

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