Sunday, June 4, 2017


If you're in the general vicinity of Rome or Florence, have a car, and want a quick day trip then this little gem should certainly be on your list. (Discerning readers will remember that I actually don't have a car anymore (I sold it in Lagos) but I do have friends with wheels and that's even better.)

Bagnoreggio is actually a two-part town with the new section full of parking, gas stations, and general tourist infrastructure, while the old town is a tiny group of homes and businesses perched on top of a rock formation presumably for safety. Full disclosure - I did not read up on the history of Bagnoreggio before or after visiting so I'm going on educated guesses here.

Needless to say, as with every single square inch of Italy, it has been discovered, but if you time it right and avoid a holiday weekend the crowds shouldn't be too bad. Just avoid the height of summer and be aware that the town isn't handicap accessible.

There are really just a few places to go in town, so plan to take a slow spin around to see all the views and cobbled streets, grab a meal - if you can grab a table! - and check out the souvenir shops.  Be warned, there aren't enough bathrooms to go around so make sure to use the restroom whenever you purchase food or drinks.

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