Sunday, May 7, 2017


Just a few casual shots from my recent walks in Rome. Now that it's getting nicer I'm out and about a lot more, trying to cover every last in h of the city before August rolls around.

The Tiber with St. Peter's in the background

I stumbled across this church and figured whoever was classy enough to be driving this must be having a pretty photogenic wedding...

...I was right.

Oh look! Just happened across this gelato festival on my afternoon run! What a coincidence. ;)

I found a "secret" Rose garden alongside the Circus Maximus.

And up the hill was this great little park (the Orange Garden if I'm not mistaken) with a great view of Rome. You can see St. Peters again - it was following me.

I stopped by a big, relatively unknown church. One of my favorites in Rome I think, if only because it was so quiet and so much less gaudy than the average.

And this church featuring a saint hiding under a floating staircase. I haven't had time to google the story yet but I'm sure it's a good one. 

All of this was on my way to see an "off-the-beaten-path" sight of Rome, the keyhole in the gate for the Knight's of Malta property.  It's known because it frames a view of St. Peters (told you it was following me) and in the foreground and middle distance you can see both Rome and the Malta... Embassy? So it's three countries in one keyhole! Discount!

Let's just say the undiscovered gem has been discovered, and frankly it is not worth 45 minutes of your time to stand in this line to see an epically tiny view of the dome you can see from all over Rome. Seriously, it would be worth it without the lines, but those days are gone. Skip!

But, being your faithful reporter, and having walked all the way over, I waited it out and was rewarded with this. Huh. To be fair, what my camera couldn't capture my eyes could, but it's really just a much less blurry version of that.

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