Saturday, April 29, 2017

Random sightings

I have only four months left in Rome and I'm starting to feel the pressure every time I look at my Italy 'bucket list'. How will I ever make it back to Sardinia and Venice, to four new regions, San Marino, the plains cities (Bologn! modena and Parma) and a whole pile of Tuscan hill towns? Not to mention all the other European countries I haven't visited yet - Portugal and Sweden, Malta and Hungary, Iceland and Greece... I'm starting to think something might have to give. Especially since I stuck around town this weekend to be on-call for a visit and the next long weekend I'll be in town as duty officer. So future officers assigned to Rome - beware, your two years will fly by before you know it so make them count!

I still have some time of course and have a few little trips planned here and there. Mostly though I'm focusing my energy on my life back home - my little house will be under construction this summer and as always there are lots of family comings and goings to keep me busy. And all the transition planning for work inevitably pulls my mind toward the future - arranging housing in DC, planning my home leave travels, setting up doctors' appointments, renewing all my documents, shipping my effects, furnishing my house and hiring a property manager... And answering the important questions, like can I start my road trip in Canada if I'm only out of the US for the weekend? So much to do! Even though four months sounds long I've started on the checklist already. 

And in the meantime, life in Rome continues as usual. On weekends I go running in the park, meet my friends for coffee, pick up flowers from my Bangladeshi friend and fruit from the Indian 'fruttivendolo' (fruit-seller). I'll usually hit a restaurant or cultural site if I'm in town. Weekdays are mostly just about work, but I've been better about cookingwhen I get home lately and of course, practicing the 3.5 songs I know on the piano. (Wonder if the neighbors would chip in for a piano tutor if it meant I would be able to play something new?) Not a bad life at all.

And now for some random photos...

Cafe at the Villa Medici

This reninds me, Happy Easter!

Love these - they lasted two full weeks

One of my favorite trees in my favorite park

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