Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hipster Christmas

I visited Rome's Vintage Christmas Market today in a part of town I don't hit very often. 
My friend and I saw a ton of cute stuff and knocked a few items of the Christmas list.  But mostly we reveled in the total hipster experience. There were food trucks, homemade nerd memorabilia, 'artisanal' vegan cake, newsboy caps and bluesy covers of Christmas favorites.  It was a good time and a weird reminder of being back in DC.

Only a week to Christmas!

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Last weekend I visited Antarctica (I mean Copenhagen). After my adventure in Norway I was excited to see some more of Scandinavia - and I have A-100 friends to crash with so how could I resist? 

I ended up only doing a long weekend but it was lovely. Unbelievably cold, but lovely. I focused my touristing on the Tivoli gardens, Nyhavn and the Christmas market. I ate smodbrod (spelling?), drank coca, and tried at least five new varieties of pastry. I tried Glogg and Gluhwein (glogg is the Danish version, both sweeter and a bit less alcoholic than gluhwein), wandered the stalls full of ornaments and furs, and admired the seriously extensive decorations.  I even saw Santa. If anyone is looking for somewhere to get their Christmas fix in, Denmark is the place. 

Love how bikeable Copenhagen was, and how no one found it necessary to lock them up.


Forgive the filter, but my camera can only do so much with low light. 

Sadly this is the best picture I got of the balloon ride but it was just charming. Google Tivoli, you'll see.

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