Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Rome Everyday

Alright, so continuing the recommendations, my other favorite gelateria is the very famous Giolitti (which you may have seen if you've been to Rome and had a gelato craving anywhere within a half-mile radius of the Pantheon).

While the experience of visiting Giolitti is incredibly unpleasant for the crowd averse (me) the actual gelato is my favorite in Rome. In fact the perfect gelato in my book would combine the Come il Latte cone and cookie and chocolate set-up with a scoop of the caramelized fig flavour that I only seem to be able to get here. Most gelato is too milky for me and gives me a stomachache but this shop seems to have perfect gelato down to a science.  So every once in awhile I suffer through the horrendous crowds to enjoy a cone.  But pro tip? If you can't handle the hordes either Giolitti has a branch in the neighborhood of EUR and it's as calm as the other branch is crazy.

Happy snacking!

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