Friday, November 25, 2016

Rome Everyday

This weekend I saw Palazzo Barberini - a great museum that would be a very big deal back home for it's collection of crazy famous artists.  Here it's more of an 'off the beaten path, if you run out of other things to do' - type of museum. But it's that much more enjoyable for the lack of crowd!

One of the Barberini family? He certainly found someone better than the Medici's to do thebust...

La Fornarina - by Raphael, one of the museum's most famous pieces

Henry the VIII! Even I, the non-history buff recognized this one. (By Hans Holbein)

Forgive the photo quality but this is a close-up of a piece by El Greco. I had to wait for 15 minutes (I swear) for this old German couple to move so I could see it. It was worth it.

Beatrice Cenci, by Guido Reni - I think she gives the girl with the pearl earring a run for her money

And of course, a Caravaggio - in this case, one of history's favorite themes: beheading. (There were more Caravaggio's but I only pick the best for my faithful readers.)

Judith - "This is disconcerting. Why is there so much blood?"
Judith's grandma - "Give it to him good!"

And just to wrap things up, a Bernini (not to be confused with Barberini) statue featuring the Barberini family signs - bees, keys, and the papal crown. ... and sea creatures just for added effect

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