Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lately in Rome

This fall has been beautiful and I've been out and about quite a bit.  Some places I can recommend from my recent in-Rome travels:

St. Paul Outside the Wall

This church is one of four Papal Basilicas in Rome and it is gigantic.  It has a very convenient metro stop and is located in one of those 'cool but off the beaten path' neighborhoods of Rome - Ostiense - that's full of graffiti, students and new restaurants.  The Basilica doesn't immediately seem to fit the neighborhood theme but it's lovely regardless.

The church is full of images from the life of Paul - as one might expect - and has a picture of every pope in history. It's a pretty impressive sight.  I spent entirely too much time looking for the current one - only to realize that he was pretty well marked. Figures.

I'd give this one 1- 1.5 hours and skip the paid tour - the best parts were free.

Ah yes, there he is. The one with the spotlight.  

Also: other random stuff:

This building in Trastevere

 Garibaldi at the top of Gianiculo hill. Come for the view, stay for a picnic.

 Balloons at a political rally that I happened upon in Piazza del Popolo. Beautiful day.

And finally - the Vincent Van Gogh exhibit. Well worth an hour of my Sunday and it's amazing to live in a country where an art exhibit warrants a round-the-corner line of families, hipster couples and everything in between.

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