Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Oh, Venice.

I hate to be a walking cliché, but I loved, loved, loved Venice. A lot. 

For this leg of the trip I was accompanied by my lovely mother, my aunt, and a close family friend.  I took a side trip for much of Saturday to visit the Venice Biennial (I'll post on that separately).  Otherwise we mostly just walked, ate, got lost, rode water taxis and gondolas, shopped and ate some more.  It was as incredibly crowded as one would expect, but there are so many tiny corners that we were able to spend most of the visit away from the intense crowds and I wasn't as annoyed as I usually would be. I absolutely intend to go back someday - soon I hope.

I I wonder how they get them to wear the outfit?
The view from the Rialto bridge. 

Just because, one last picture of the human flood filling St. Mark's square. 

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