Sunday, October 30, 2016

Venice Biennial

Ok - so just briefly on the Venice Biennial since I was too distracted by most of the exhibits to take any photos - I really enjoyed it and you should totally go.  It's open until November 11 and it's in Venice, so there's that big draw too. 

This is a huge event, so it's probably best to just choose one part to focus on. I saw the architectural exhibit, but there's also art, cinema, dance, music and theater (they don't all run through November, so check the website for more info).  Using recycled materials, adapting to changing community needs - particularly with Europe's current refugee inflows - and honoring local traditions were big themes. 

One favorite picture to leave you with - this paper dollhouse that I would have happily swiped for myself if there weren't quite so many people watching.  It's actually even bigger than the photo shows.  Sadly I didn't bring my super awesome camera on this one - but if you squint maybe you can see the tiny houseplants, and tiny wall art and tiny tiny messes in the very tiny kitchens. *sigh*

Loved it.

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