Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Amalfi coast

First stop my recent tour-de-Italy was the amazing Amalfi coast.  I can tell you some stories about driving there (DON'T DO IT!) but it was so worth the visit. 

The views were incredible.  We only really saw Amalfi and the city above it - Ravello. Someday I'll have to make it back to see Capri and Positano - and to rent a little Vespa. With the lack of parking options in town that seems like the best way to go.

Below: random pictures of our weekend in Amalfi. Enjoy!
The Cala di Furore - a 5 minute walk from our AirBnB

Don't be fooled. There were very few sidewalks on the coast.

The lovely, lovely garden at the Villa Rufolo - a beautifully preserved estate in the town of Ravello.

Dawn from our AirBnB - can you believe we had this view (and a two-bedroom, two bathroom apartment with private swimming balcony right on the coast) for the same price as a dismal hotel room? May not be going back to real hotels again.

More view.

Our place is down there somewhere. I loved swimming of this coast. If I went back I would rent snorkeling gear to practice my super awesome snorkel skills in this crystal clear water.

The classic view of the Amalfi coast - taken from Villa Rufolo.

The Duomo in Amalfi. Amalfi was completely flooded with tourists which made it a bit unpleasant but the town itself was of course, stunning.

See? Stunning.

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