Sunday, September 11, 2016


Italian region number #13 - check!

This past weekend I tacked on a day trip to some work that was happening in Cagliari (southern Sardinia) and had a truly amazing time. 

I think most Americans haven't even heard of Sardinia, or if they have they probably think of it as a big, empty desert of an island.  But since moving here I've been waiting to see it. Sardinia is known to Italians for it's beaches and for good reason - the island is ringed by some of the most crystal clear, secluded beaches in Italy. I only got a taste this time but what I saw, I loved!

There are palm trees and sail boats, what more do you need in life!

Obviously, the ocean is the biggest draw. I scheduled a sailing trip which was very unprofessionally cancelled by the tour company when a bigger, more lucrative group came along (a big anti-shout out to for not honoring that reservation) but I was fortunate to find a second tour provider at the very last second. 

Still bummed out that I wasn't on a sailboat, a group of dolphins came along to make me feel better.  They swam in the boat's wake for 10 minutes easily, jumping and just generally enjoying the waves. 
Major happy. :)
Then we stopped at tiny cove where I had my first (successful) scuba experience.  It took awhile to overcome my initial complete inability to breathe through a snorkel. That and I'm really, really bad with flippers. After several minutes of panic and sea-water consumption I finally found my sea-legs (and sea-lungs?) and started stalking some sea creatures.  My wonderful guide even brought this little guy onboard for me to watch for a few minutes.  Did you know they move?!

We also spent plenty of time laying around in the sun, soaking up some much needed vitamin D. The ride back even included a mini storm and some subsequently beautiful views. ...sigh...

Of course, Cagliari is also a beautiful town and I enjoyed the architecture, narrow streets, and a tiny sampling of seriously tasty restaurants. 

  Once was great, but I'll definitely be back!

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