Monday, July 25, 2016

Valle d'Aosta

I would just like to dedicate today's blog post to The Sound of Music, because that's basically what it's all about.

So, by way of introduction:

I am suddenly, pathologically incapable of going on vacation. Poor timing right?

Long story short, I took some leave this summer intending to either take an epic European vacation or go home to see my family. In the end certain family members couldn't make it and other certain family members are coming later this year and I just never could bite the bullet and book something in I ended up having a very mellow staycation.

Thanks to my dear saint of a friend from language training I was at least able to get out of town for a long weekend in one of the Italian regions I hadn't yet visited - the tiny, out of the way, Valle d'Aosta.  If you don't speak Italian that means Valley of Aosta.  ;)

As you can see below, it's basically the Italian end of a mountain chain you may have heard of before - the ALPS.

We had a great two days hiking basically straight up and I am proud to report that I didn't really start complaining and implying that we might die on the mountain until the second day.  But as you can see, the views made all that effort really, really worthwhile and to be honest, it was nice to just get out and move in the fresh air.

Above is our super cute AirBnB.  It was my first stay in an AirBnB and I really liked it.  No serial killers at all!

Something about green grass, cows with bells, and unspoiled nature is just so, deeply restful that even after a 6 hour hike I felt like a new person.

 As I may have mentioned before, this is really the huge, unbeatable benefit of actually living overseas - time to see all these out of the way places. Everybody comes to Italy and sees the Colosseum, and it's great, but so few people have the time to get up to this far NW corner to spend a long weekend hiking, or down to the far SE corner to stay by the sea and eat and shop all day, or climb around on the foothills of Mt. Etna, or any of the many awesome experiences I've had while here.  I have to keep reminding myself to savor every minute and appreciate this chance while I have it - before I head back out to the wild blue yonder.

It's a good life though, eh?

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