Sunday, July 31, 2016

Torino (Turin)

Following the trip to Valle d'Aosta I took a day trip to Turin to check the region of Piemonte off my list. It backfired of course when I discovered that I really enjoyed Turin and didn't have time to see everything.  We'll see if I make it back. In the meantime let me just suggest that if you lan to go you set aside two days to hit the highlights.

So what did I have time to see? I spent some time shopping and eating and walking the center of town (despite the practically paralyzing heat) but most of my day was spent at the National Museum of Cinema.

I know that Turin is famous for it's Egyptian Museum, according to Wikipedia the second most important Egyptian museum in the world, but as a film buff - and what with this not being Egypt and all - I went with my gut.  I'm so glad I did!

The film museum is one of the best I've seen in Italy; interactive, informative, fun.  It starts with a history of picture shows and how film was developed and includes exhibits and clips from all kinds of film classics.  And best of all it's located in one of Turin's architectural landmarks, the Mole Antonelliana with a fascinating history of its own.  You can buy a pass to visit the top and get a view of the whole city before making your way through the museum.

Just a few pictures to give you a taste.

This is the building. You can't miss it as the shape is just all around kind of weird and the scale is impressive.

I'm not sure what strikes others when looking at this view,mbut for me it's just so striking to see how different the city is from Rome. Where are all the churches? ;)

Apologies for the quality of this shot. The lighting was really low inside to accommodate the super awesome 'theater' set-up in the center of the museum.

Lots of nice tracitional architecture. It was too hot to hang around outside but the city seemed just packed with nice looking cafes and shopping arcades.  Next time maybe!

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