Thursday, June 23, 2016

Day 4: Mystery Tour

VERY old traditional homes


  1. Hi there, I noticed you have answered some questions for prospective/actual pickering fellows in the past. I read through your posts on the fellowship, and they actually provide more detail than the official websites, but I was wondering if you could also give your impression of the demographics of the people who tend to make it into the program. I.E. age, amount of foreign travel, and the like. Thank you!

  2. Hi Emma! Thanks for asking. First let me say that it's entirely possible that things have changed a great deal since my cohort of fellows. Overall we were a fairly young group - Pretty reflective of the age of grad students generally - though many of us had also taken a few years at least to travel and work after undergrad. We had former military, China scholars, NGO types, second generation Americans... a pretty varied group! Some had tons of foreign travel, others didn't have much or any that I was aware of.

    Sorry. Not super specific but it really is hard to pin down a specific "type". I say as long as you fit the stated criteria your chances are as good as anyone's. Good luck!