Sunday, May 1, 2016


A few months ago I finally made it out to Cinecitta - the Italian equivalent to Hollywood - for a screening of The Hateful Eight (70mm, which in case that means nothing to you =huge). I noticed the museum and studio tour option but didn't have time to squeeze them in so I recently went back to check things out.  First things first, Cinecitta is easy to find - just take Metro line B to the Cinecitta stop and it'll be right at the entrance to the Metro, you really can't miss it.  The ticket is 10 euros for the museums, and 10 more to add in the studio tour. I recommend the tour, as the museum was ok but fairly small.  Mostly it seems to be a celebration of the past, rather than a peak into Italy's filmmaking present, but it's still a pretty impressive past!
I love this playground.

See if you can pick up on the pattern...

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