Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Thousand Miles

That's right, for the mathematically inclined I'm talking TWICE 500 miles!

...though in this case I'm talking about the Italian version.  

The Mille Miglia was once a race and is now more of a thousand mile parade featuring around 450 classic cars and plenty of lovely Italian scenery. (And crowds, always crowds.)

The course came right through Rome last night so I headed down to Via Veneto to catch the cars in action.  As you may remember, I have a special nostalgia for very old cars - and while most of these were fancier racing cars, there was plenty of variety and lots of unexpected detail to hold even an amateur's interest.

My pictures below are as terrible as could be expected with low lighting and my phone's wimpy camera - my own fault for forgetting to bring something a bit better suited to the occasion- but you can find better pictures elsewhere online and if you find yourself along the course today by all means get out there and check out the spectacle!

Seriously, I apologize for the shamefully low quality of these photos. I guess this is the time when a vivid imagination really comes in handy...

I can picture Mr. Incredible behind the wheel of this one, can't you?

There was so much obvious wealth associated with some of these teams that it was particularly sad to see the juxtaposition of this homeless couple whose usual spot was invaded for the night by enthusiasts who spend more on these cars than the couple will likely see all year. 

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