Monday, March 21, 2016


It's been quite a big weekend here at the Casa Ginevra (the fancy Italian name of my otherwise humble apartment here in Rome).  In addition to the usual fare (at least three pizzas, three gelatos, and maybe 8-10 coffee stops) I had some crazy adventures with my crazy friends.

We saw pretty much EVERYTHING. Ever. Even just describing our path through Rome to some of my colleagues this morning got a little bit ridiculous.  While I'd seen a lot of it before it's always amazing how having a visitor gets you outside your routine and into all the many nooks and crannies of the city you always mean to explore but never quite get to.  I finally saw the Bocca della Verita up close - no one lost a hand this time around but it does kind of remind me of that Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom scene with all the bugs.  We stood by the Tevere; I really need to do that more often, especially since it's the closest I can get to my Lagos, boating-every-weekend experience. And we fought our way through pretty much wall-to-wall people.  Seriously y'all. It was worse than a Trader Joe's in NoVa and Trader Joe's is where I hit the fun limit.

It was actually kind of relaxing to get back to work this morning - that's how much running around we did this weekend.  And it was great to catch up on everything from Lagos to language training and get the inside scoop on how things work at other posts. It did get me itching to travel though! So of course, to celebrate I spent the whole afternoon parked on my couch doing taxes. (Woo hoo refund!)

Next up - Easter weekend. Also if anyone knows a good photo challenge or blog prompt I should try I'm looking for suggestions!

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  1. Anything and everything - quirky, stereotypical, unexpected, it's all great! We fell in love with Rome on a visit and are praying someday to be posted there.