Thursday, March 31, 2016


That's right, I finally got my act together and got out of town this past weekend, to Assisi (of St. Francis of ...   fame.)

In hindsight, the biggest religious holiday of the year may not have been the smartest time to visit one of the biggest religious sites in Italy. But, whatever. Me and my many new friends had a good and more importantly restful weekend. 
View from my hotel room

My super favorite church. St Peter's. I don't usually like touring churches because they can feel a bit busy, but this one was just so simple that it made the little imagery they did use that much more powerful. True photographers could surely do a better job of capturing the look, but it was a lovely, smokey setting and my camera just made it look sunny and bright. Oh well, use your imagination!

St. Peter's again

The basilica where St Francis is buried, beautiful in a different way and obviously a big hit for Easter weekend.

The castle overlooking Assisi.

The basilica, quite a sight from a distance!

Winding narrow streets and lots of history filled brick architecture.

The hills of Umbria. I am so excited that it's Spring!

Guys, do you see the sign in the window? You could buy this ridiculously cute house and live in this ridiculously cute town! Heavenly idea indeed!

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