Saturday, February 20, 2016

Living the dream

It sure is a good thing I don't do this writing thing for a living or I'd have to start being a lot more grown up about it.

Speaking of grown up, I totally crushed the adult thing today (perhaps thanks in part to my most recent library loan - Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown which I've really enjoyed despite the fact that the author totally stole my idea).  See as evidence the really awesome Gnocchi & Sausage dish (recipe from The Kitchn) that I made from the fresh pasta lucky ducks like me can buy six days a week from the charming elderly couple down the street.

And not to be fogotten is the double win of finally seeing the Pantheon and scoring a Carmelized Fig gelato (king of gelatos) from the famous Giolitti. I swung by the Capuchin Crypt as well but I would count the rooms full of creepy skeleton art as a non-win.
I really have been meaning to visit for six months now.

I spent the rest of the day trying to recover from my epic morning walk and figuring out a few more wall decorations to make my apartamento a bit homier.  

Just another lazy Saturday in Rome.

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