Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rome, Everyday (22)

Whoops! Missed a day!

Guess I should call this blog Rome (almost) every day. All joking aside though, I have been inspired by the challenge to post something every day and I hope it will push me to write slightly more often once I finish.  Writing a sentence or two - or even posting a picture with no comment - gives you the freedom to record some of the small observations; even when they seem too trivial at the time, taken together they do paint a nice picture of life as a whole.

For today here's a picture of a nearby park where I sometimes go walking - in broad daylight with lots of people around. I (jokingly of course) think of it as 'serial killer park' as it can get a bit creepy in the less-traveled and rarely maintained parts. But there's also something beautiful about having a relatively wild space in the middle of a big city. And because this is Rome there are obviously going to be random crumbling ruins at every turn and that's fun too.

What do you think? Not so scary, right?

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