Saturday, December 12, 2015

Rome, Everyday

Alright folks, I'm trying something new.  Writing exclusively about my travels seems a bit unsustainable - now that I'm back from London I have every intention to just hibernate here in Rome for the rest of the winter. After all, people pay good money for a few days in Rome, - I can vacation here every weekend!

So to kick things off I thought I'd try to post a tiny bit more often... Maybe to the tune of once-a-day though we'll see how long that lasts. ;)

Photo #1: the bus - I like the bus and increasingly manage to use it successfully. My only beef is that you can't get a bus ticket on the actual bus. No, you buy them at news stands inconveniently placed without any thought to where the bus happens to stop. Other than that though, public transportation for the win!

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