Sunday, December 20, 2015

Rome, Everyday (9)

For weeks now the stores have been full of piles of imposing looking boxes (really, they're the size of your head) of a mysterious Italian holiday favorite known as Panettone.  Someone translated it for me as fruitcake, which may explain why I never could bring myself to try any before. That and my overall disappointment with what Italians think cookies etc. should taste like. That's a story for another day though. Today, I wanted to share my adventures with Panettoncino - the little tiny version of the stuff they sell at the grocery store. I figured one serving wouldn't kill me, even if it did turn out to be fruitcake. And look how cute the packaging is!

Turns out, the Panettoncino was delicious (no fruitcake!) and I now regret passing up the chance to buy one the size of my head. 

... Maybe tomorrow...
Kind of cupcake-y, but lighter and not painfully sweet.

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