Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Rome, Everyday (16)

Whew! Posting something every day is officially crazy. I'm still on track to blog every day for a month, but then I might go back to a more reasonable schedule. Unless my life gets way more exciting.

Today's snapshot is from the ever pleasant Villa Borghese park. I just love parks - as I may have mentioned in my post about visiting Germany - but this park in particular is so beautiful and low key at the same time that it never feels like a tourist trap or a snobby 'no dogs allowed' garden.  There are always tons of families out*, occasionally exercising, but much more often just having fun. If Italians do one thing to perfection, it's relaxation. When I leave, this park will be one of my favorite Rome memories I'm sure. 

*this picture is from a quieter corner but there were plenty of people elsewhere as I recall

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  1. I love this park too! We enjoyed an afternoon there during a visit - would make it a repeat if we ever get lucky enough to be posted there!