Saturday, November 21, 2015


Getting sick of hearing about my travels yet? I'm actually a bit exhausted by the travel schedule myself - particularly in this past month and a half - but I'm so close to so many amazing things that I'd feel like a slug if I stayed home too often. (Not likely to find myself back in Europe for my third tour!)

This weekend, however is an exception. I'm home and had a wonderful, domestic goddess-type day. Laundry, baking cookies, hanging pictures... The most exciting thing I did was take a walk to get groceries. (Ok, ok, groceries and gelato.) It was lovely though - soft rain, leaves on the sidewalk, window shopping for Christmas... I really do love my neighborhood. Whoever assigned me to this housing made the perfect choice for me. It's quiet, convenient, no tourists and lots of stuff I can walk to. Thanks housing board!

But back to the topic I meant to talk about! Last week I traveled out of my beloved Rome again, this time to visit Taormina.

I guess Europeans all know this little Sicilian resort village, but I had never heard of it before I arrived. Then, when I decided to spend a week immersing myself in all things Italian I thought it sounded interesting and booked a visit. I'd highly recommend it, though there aren't many places in Italy that I wouldn't recommend visiting if we're being honest...

So - to get there you can fly from Rome to Catania (in Sicilia) then there are regular buses and somewhat less regular trains.
I went in the low season and there were still plenty of tourists, so I'd imagine it could be a bit unpleasantly crowded in the summer. Still, with views of Mt. Etna and the Mediterranean, cute cobblestone streets and lots to do it's a must see.

In no particular order, here are some photos from my trip.
Taormina is a coastal town in Sicilia. It looks out over the Mediterranean to the south and Etna to the west. And see that smoke? Etna is an active volcano so it was like that the whole time I was there. Sadly I didn't get to climb the mountain because it was out of season and no one would take me, but that just means I'll need to come back some day!

This is the piazza of the Duomo

One of several beaches - while pretty this one was unpleasantly rocky and I spent more time at the other.

Just pretty - this sign led the way to a winding path from Taormina down to one of the beaches. Theee were buses too, but I had to work off all that Sicilian food somehow!

Taormina is the site of some Roman ruins, including this temple which overlooks both Taormina and Mt. Etna with a perfect sunset view.

The public park was also lovely and not crowded at all. I think I visited at the perfect time of year.
This church overlooks Taormina on the path from Castelmola. 

The piazza/entry of Castelmola - guess I should explain that this is an even smaller town you can walk to from Taormina, with more views, restaurants, and cute streets.

Castelmola's Duomo and central piazza

I have a million more pictures but I think this set is enough of an appetizer, no? Speaking of appetizers, Happy Thanksgiving!

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