Sunday, October 18, 2015


I know, my travel pace has been exhausting, hasn't it?

In fact, in a much needed break from recent tradition this weekend I actually stayed home - in my own house! - and played domestic goddess. It was lovely. I made vegetables (wholly absent from my diet so far in Rome, except of course as pizza toppings), I recycled tons and tons of packing material from my move, and I finally got a chance to set things up a bit! You see my shipments have all arrived and I even got an order from Ikea, but mostly lately I've been coming home late, looking with envy/exhaustion at the pile of 'homey stuff' and heading straight to bed. Now, with the curtains up, the boxes gone, and a few actual decorations in place my apartment feels mighty civilized. 

The only bummer so far in the unpacking process has been the discovery that my computer is 100% toast. Maybe that can be my project for next weekend...

But anyway, back to Dublin. Last weekend was a three day weekend and I've been hoping to visit a friend posted there for some time. It wasn't quite as cheap as I'd hoped, but other than the flight I didn't really spend more than I would on a normal weekend.  And it was so great I can't describe it. Seeing my friend, drinking starbucks :), enjoying some nature, and just experiencing something totally different than Rome - highly recommend it.

(Some family will be thinking right about now why I didn't plan this trip at a time when I could also visit the relatives who are in fact moving to Ireland later this year. My answer - cluelessness and poor planning. But hey, now I can come back!)

What all did I do in my 48-hour whirlwind tour of Dublin?
*ate fish and chips
*drank multiple pumpkin spice lattes
*had a 1/4 pint at a pub
*listened to some lovely live music (traditional Irish)
*toured Temple University and saw the Book of Kells while there
*walked St. Stephen's Green
*saw Dublin Castle and took some goofy selfies
*hiked the cliff trail in Howth (the *best*)
*and of course, ate a lot, shopped, and took lots of pictures - see below

All the books! Trinity College Library

On the campus of Trinity College

This Irish breakfast could feed me for a week. Delicious

Would you believe that this is my first ever beer? While I'm still more of a wine girl it was better than I was expecting.

Dublin Castle

Next time...

Shopping street

The town of Howth

I can't explain how much I liked this hike, but it was pretty much my favorite thing ever. It's just an hour's train ride from Dublin but you feel like you're out in the middle of nowhere. The hike wasn't too hard, the ocean was beautiful and the air was just really fresh. I felt healthier with every breath. ...sigh

All in all, Dublin was fantastic, but it's also really nice to be home. 

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