Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hello gorgeous...


We are going to be best friends I can tell.

Ok, so you probably guessed that the moment I arrived at post blogging dropped a few notches on my priority list, but now that I've had a solid chance to settle in let me share a few of my first impressions while they're still fresh.

First off, everything here is so well run - at least at the embassy. They've got a fantastic management section and they've taken great care of me so far. 

Second, I really like my section and the people in it. I had a big first week and while the new job is challenging I love digging into a new portfolio and my colleagues have been picking up the slack for me as I settle in.  I wish I could tell you more about the work here, but I have more sense than that. If you know me personally I'm sure I'll tell you all about it sometime. 

Italy is as beautiful as I remembered. I live in a cute neighborhood full of palm trees and little balconies and hole-in-the-wall coffee shops. And of course, gelaterias, lots of those. I went to the beach at Nettuno my first weekend here (thanks sponsors!) and it was so picturesque that it was a bit hard to believe. This place is definitely spoiling me. (And in honor of my beach trip, check out this gallery of Italian beaches. I think it says quite a bit about the way Italians do vacation vs. the way Americans do, but maybe it's just me.)

My housing is great. The apartment is much bigger than I imagined (I thought everything was smaller in Europe?) and it is very, very empty right now! Luckily my HHE and UAB are being delivered next week so I can start making this place feel a little more homey. I like the location too - I asked for walking distance to work and I'm so glad I got it. I haven't really even had much cause to learn the bus system yet - though I plan on using buses to explore the farther away parts of the city eventually.

Obviously this is the 'honeymoon' phase of living abroad, but I can't help thinking it's not just that. This is Italy after all. What could I complain about?

No guest bed is set up yet, but I'm hoping that after my stuff gets here I can make it out to Ikea. Yes, intrepid readers/future visitors, you'll be sleeping in style when you visit! See you soon!

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