Saturday, September 12, 2015

Casa mia

Buon giorno faithful readers!

So, long story short, since the last post I received my UAB and HHE and unpacked everything. I did it all in one big day which should tell you a little something about my OCD level and a bit as well about the amount of stuff I actually brought. Anyway, the apartment feels much homier now and all I really need to do is get the pictures hung and maybe buy some little things (lamps, rugs, etc). Yes, the guest bed is set up too.

Here's some pictures for the curious:
Obviously still a bit of cleaning (and repacking the welcome kit) to go, but it's actually a great kitchen and much bigger than I expected.

Living room. The couches belong to the Embassy, mine are arriving soon.

The dining room (really just the other side of the living room). The moving guys were amazing and 
completely assembled the Ikea table for me.

Guest room! The decor is definitely still a work in progress, but it'll do for now.

My favorite room! It's supposed to be a study, but I thought it would make a great breakfast room since it is full of sunlight in the morning.

Same room, different view.

And no picture of my room. Sorry, I guess I missed it when I had the photo shoot,

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