Monday, August 17, 2015

Moving sad

Just the other day I was telling myself how remarkable it was that I hadn't yet slipped into my oh-so-typical pre-moving funk. Well, that's over.

With only about a week left in town I can't help feeling nostalgic. Yes, nostalgic for DC - it's possible. Really, this is my kind of town. It's got a small town feel, but it's also very diverse. In my building alone there must be a couple dozen nationalities represented. And of course with all those diverse people comes a lot of diverse food. I contend that nobody does foreign food like we do. Also, Washingtonians are ambitious (a mixed blessing at times), smart, and refreshingly fit. Nothing makes me prouder than a whole stream of commuters hiking up the metro escalator, just to prove to the out-of-towners that human bodies can still climb stairs, even in 2015! And there's just something nice about being in the nation's capitol, surrounded by history and monuments and idealism.

Even more though, I'll miss my buddies. Now that my Lagos friends are almost all back I'm having a lot of fun. And with this crazy lifestyle it could be a long time before I see them all again. So boo moving!

All that said, I am about to move to Italy after all so I can't complain. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I definitely plan to take advantage. And it's hard to be too sad to leave when the countdown to the Rome Gelato Festival has begun. (30 days to go!)

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