Sunday, August 9, 2015

Italian - check!

Well, after five and a half months I'm finally finished with language training. The testing process was painful, but otherwise I really, truly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity. No offense to the other language sections, but the Italian section is the best. I'm definitely going to miss my instructors and the classmates who are headed to our other consular sections in Italy (in addition to the embassy in Rome there are also consulates in Milan, Naples, and Florence).

As wonderful as the language training experience was, though, I'm thrilled to be moving on. I have just a couple weeks of training left and some consultation days before shipping out to post. They even came and carted off my UAB and HHE shipments on Friday so now it's starting to feel like this move could actually happen.

If you're in DC please don't let me get on that plane without hanging out at least one more time. And for everybody else, Rome isn't such a long flight away...

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