Sunday, July 5, 2015

Keeping busy

Ok, I promised pictures last time, so here goes! My life this summer in mostly photos:

I may never succeed in learning Italian, but I am determined to beat the rubix cube. 

Spending plenty of time planning for (and wishing I could visit) my little sandpile. Someday maybe!

I bought a couch for Rome for $30. What a blessing to find something so easily! I definitely didn't want to spend much since I am busy trying to save up to furnish my actual house (see above, sandpile) so I was relieved that couch number two came along right at my price point. Just FYI future visitors, I am still looking for a guest bed so this is the only sleeping option I can offer so far. (Ikea Italia here I come!)

And of course, all the studying. Here's the verb 'run' in Italian. Immagine this multiplied by ALL THE VERBS and you should be able to guess what state my brain is in right now.

Sadly no pictures to show off the great time I've been having with all my Lagos buddies who are back in town, but just picture restaurants, picnics, and fireworks. And lots of patriotism!

Ok, that's it.

Arrivederci faithful reader!

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