Saturday, May 30, 2015

Keeping busy

I've been back in the states now since December and I only have three months left. It's hard to believe language training is already more than half over. I wish I could say that I've spent the past few months getting out of town and exploring every weekend, but laziness and budgeting make for a boring combination. Instead I've been busy seeing the sights in exotic Northern Virginia to pass the time (when I'm not studying of course). If I were not a slug I would write all these things up as individual posts, but well, I am. So here are some very random highlights from the past few weeks in NoVa.
Gelato from Boccato in Clarendon. Highly recommended. I find that my Italian language skills are 100% better with the addition of a little gelato.

Morel mushrooms from the Arlington Farmer's Market. I haven't seen these in years but to the uninitiated, just know that they're kind of a big deal. The selection was pretty good all around. I also recommend the Apple Cider donuts.

Rolling Thunder! Hundreds of thousands of bikers paraded through DC. I went with a friend and we both agreed it felt a little like interacting with a foreign culture. You can read up about Rolling Thunder online, but basically it's a rally in support of POWs and MIAs.

Some people really dressed up to greet the bikers. (I hope they didn't stay out in the heat like that too long.)

Two weekends ago I attended one of my favorite DC events, Opera in the Outfield. Basically, there's an opera at the Kennedy Center, and they broadcast it at the baseball park as well, for free. A pretty good deal, even by DC standards where many cultural events are free. This one was sponsored by M&Ms, and they played Cenerentola, better known of course as Cinderella. This was a surprisingly fun opera and they really pulled out all the stops to make it a kid friendly event. Even with a little rain we had a great time. 

Ok, I realize this doesn't fit the category of 'things I've been doing in DC', but I just wanted to give a shout-out to the lovely lavender bushes at FSI. Now that their blooms are mostly gone I can confess that I was very  tempted to sneak a few home with me.

I tried my hand at cooking Southern food last week. I figured I'm a semi-southerner now so I need to start cooking like one. I actually really enjoyed the grits and the collard greens, though maybe next time I might seek out a recipe that was a little lighter on the butter. (On the other hand, maybe that's what makes it authentic?)

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