Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Video of the Week

Before I post the pictures of my Cherry Blossom Adventure (subtitled - All of the people, all of the time) I thought I'd post another video. Mostly because I find myself a tiny bit behind on the old to-do list and I don't have time for any thoughtful writing today.

So here's another installment of the video of the week. I've been meaning to listen to this song for awhile, but finally got around to it yesterday (right after my progress test) only to find, to my dismay, that I basically didn't understand a word of it. Well, I understood all the easy words, but I have some strong suspicions about the grammar happening down there (lyrics below). And the Italian we learn in class isn't missing quite so many letters.... Oh well. I guess I'll check back in and see if I can get any more at the end of training.

Puorte o' calzone cu 'nu stemma arreto
'na cuppulella cu 'a visiera alzata.
Passe scampanianno pe' Tuleto
camme a 'nu guappo pe' te fa guardà!

Tu vuò fa l' americano!
mmericano! mmericano
siente a me, chi t' ho fa fa?
tu vuoi vivere alla moda
ma se bevi whisky and soda
po' te sente 'e disturbà.

Tu abballe 'o roccorol
tu giochi al basebal '
ma 'e solde pe' Camel
chi te li dà? ...
La borsetta di mammà!

Tu vuò fa l' americano
mmericano! mmericano!
ma si nato in Italy!
siente a mme
non ce sta' niente a ffa
o kay, napolitan!

Tu vuò fa l' american!
Tu vuò fa l' american!

And in English...

You're wearing trousers with a tag on the back
and a cap with the visor turned up,
parading around Tuleto
like a bully trying to show off

You're acting all american,
american, american,
listen here: who's asking you to?

You want to be all trendy,
but if you drink "whisky and soda"
you always end up sick!

You're dancing rock and roll,
and playing baseball,
but where'd you get the money
for the Camel cigarettes?
Mummy's handbag!

You're acting all american,
american, american,
but you're born in Italy, listen here:
there's nothing you can do,
ok napoletano?!
You're acting all american,
american, American,

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