Saturday, April 25, 2015


Well, it's almost May and I'm looking forward to the moment in the very near future when a whole pack of my Lagos buddies will start trickling back to the states to entertain me. Of course I  am also witnessing the other side of the transition. Last week I went to a happy hour for folks heading out to Nigeria in the near future. I have to say that they all seem like fun people and have excellent attitudes. I'm sure they'll have a blast together and make their own mark on our 'little consulate that could'.

As for the day job, life is still good in Italian class. I can already feel myself reading the plateau that people talk about after you hit a 2 (ILR language scale). It just feels like treading water some days, though the instructors have assured us that we are making good progress and have nothing to worry about.

I'm still working on my own cultural studies outside of class as well. I've been exploring different pizza recipes (highly recommend this one if you are looking for a thin crust ) and forcing myself to have espresso without any sugar (harder than forcing myself to study most days!) I finished a book about Italian culture called The Italians - not the famous one by Barzini, but the slightly better rated one by John Hooper. I saw a Puccini opera last week and I have a Verdi lined up for this week. Oh yeah, and I bought The Divine Comedy in Italian. This studying business is about to get real

Your basic pizza Margherita, just add tomato sauce, mozzarella slices and basil. Simplicity itself and very delicious. I'm still shopping around for a good sauce recipe that I like. The one pictured above came out really watery (so it soaked through the crust) and was weirdly more orange than red. It tasted fine, but still needs a little bit more tweaking.

So good! Just shred some parmesano-reggiano over the crust, then top with Italian sausage, onion and mushroom (cook all the toppings on the stove in a little olive oil before you add them). Definitely an easy crowd pleaser. And thanks to my good friends for coming over to taste test the finished products!

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