Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spring! At least for today...

I started this post on Saturday (while waiting the excruciating 22 minutes for my pizza to bake) and it was snowing. I had planned to title it "Still winter" or something equally obvious. But that title was, as they say, OBE (overcome by events). The weather was so nice in fact that in spite of an obnoxious cold I spent most of the day out and about. I went to church, hit the library for some pre-Italy background research, and then slopped through the snow from there to Whole Foods and back home - a very long way I assure you! This is about the time that I made a new New Years's resolution - buy waterproof boots! (On a side note, why do clothes just seem to disintegrate overseas?)

In work-related news, I've just finished one course at FSI and on Monday I start a new one. I was pleasantly surprised to find this training to be very practical and well-paced - and the whole class came away with similar feelings. That's not easy to accomplish when you are preparing people with extremely diverse backgrounds to succeed in such varied posts and positions. So kudos FSI! I am cautiously optimistic about my upcoming training. I guess I'll have some updates on that soon.

And finally, just to keep Nigeria on your minds, like it's been on mine:
Humans of Lagos - I can't take credit for finding this blog (thanks old boss!) but it's really interesting
Tragic news from Nigeria as well - even more tragic is that when I saw this I immediately thought they were referring to a similar attack back in January, but no - this unbelievable tragedy is one of two basically similar bombings in northern Nigeria - just since the start of 2015
The Daily Show reacts to recent Nigeria news (semi-recent anyway)

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