Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hail and farewell

Offices and posts throughout the Department of State (and likely lots of other organizations as well) have a tradition to greet newcomers and say goodbye to outgoing folks in one big event called hail and farewell.

Today I have my own version.

So, bad news up front, I'm bidding farewell today to my dog, our family's dog really, who was 15 and a half years old in people years and a crazy old man in dog years. He had heart issues so it wasn't unexpected, but that doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye. It's a huge blessing though that he did not have to be put down and ended up passing away in his sleep. I was afraid my poor mother would have to take him to the vet on her own (since he lives with my parents) and I hate the thought of her going through that alone. And he had a great life for a dog, so no regrets there.

Still reeling from the phone call about my dog, I got an email from my brother (in South America). After a brief scare, his daughter was born and she's beautiful and perfect and so so small! So just like that my big brother and his wife are now a father and mother, my parents are now grandma and grandpa (or more appropriately, abuelo and abuela) and I'm an aunt. I am so happy for them and anxious to meet this newest little family member. Happy birthday little one! And congratulations to the proud parents. You guys are going to be wonderful parents, I can tell already. And what better way to celebrate this occasion while in Italian training than to make it a teachable moment : La mia nipote e nata oggi, il ventotto febbraio. Benvenuto bambina!

It's barely noon here but it has already been a big day, with lots of joy and a bit of sadness. Good thing I had a cold last week, I think I'm going to need that entire jumbo box of tissues.

Goodbye buddy

Hello sweetheart!

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