Thursday, January 22, 2015

Home leave 3

I'm starting to understand why so many blogs go silent once their owners PCS (leave post). Catching up on Breaking Bad and renewing my library card just isn't as cool as trekking in Togo or camping in the Kalahari. But if you're still reading I don't think I have to worry about losing you until the tragic day comes when I have to bid on a DC job. (Admit it, you're just in this for stories of me eating giant rats, aren't you?)

In lieu of my typical international travels I've been having adventures of a more domestic sort - mostly in the realm of mortgage financing. While not exactly exciting it has certainly been good for me. I guess being able to talk ARM's and amortization might come in handy down the line - as will, you know, property ownership. I can't claim that this is the mark of true adulthood - I already crossed that threshold when I bought my first set of Tupperware - but it does make me feel like a slightly more successful adult.

With the purchase well under way and construction still several months away I don't actually have much to do these days and I'm starting to get anxious to just get to DC and begin language training. Vacation was nice but it might also be nice to have an actual purpose to my day... you know, eventually.

Hope to see at least a few of my faithful readers back in DC. Just a week or so now!

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