Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dear Lagos

I didn't think I'd like it here so much.

I couldn't have known that I would sail away from my troubles every weekend under almost invariably blue skies. I didn't anticipate that I would be able to sip coffee in quiet cafés or nod along to highlife beats with the Nigerian hipster set. I had no idea that I'd make some of my best friends ever inside the four (rather ugly) walls of an African 'visa mill'. Five years ago if you had told me that I would drive like a maniac in a city of 20 million - and enjoy every minute of it - I would have thought you were crazy. I didn't think I'd grow to be so at home here that leaving would make me tear up. And even a year ago I wouldn't have thought that my overwhelming impression from this country would be one of hope. 

But Lagos surprised me.

This city is alive. It's people are welcoming and kind, tough and infinitely resourceful. It is perpetually on the verge - in good ways and bad. Most of all, it is a lot like home, deep down. Lagos is a city of opportunity, where the extremes are extreme and the energy is intense. Lagosians are enthusiastic, assertive, fun-loving, and creative. 

I will miss this place and more importantly, I will miss the people who make it what it is.

So thanks for two great years and a thousand new experiences.

See you later, Lagos!

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