Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Still in's still good

Other than experiencing some mild culture clash, I've also been enjoying my R&R back in the midwest a lot. Maybe I've just been away too long - or maybe it's because I haven't been home in the fall for ages, but I am totally in love with fall in the midwest. The trees are changing and it's just gorgeous. We've done just about every fall thing I can think of. We went to the pumpkin patch and the apple orchard and took plenty of long walks in the park. The only sad thing is that I missed seeing one of our home team football games. maybe next time...

I've been keeping fairly busy too. I took an ill-fated trip to California for my best friend from college's wedding. The wedding was perfect and fun and so sweet and it was great to see my friend after so much time. Friendships with people who don't live in the same place as my parents have been one of the casualties of my many moves overseas.  Everything else about California... well, let's just say it made me appreciate the midwest. It may have been LA rush hour traffic, it may have been the food poisoning, or having my wallet stolen or it may just be that I'm not a big city girl deep down. It's hard to say.

I promise to upload some pictures of all my wholesome midwestern fall adventures once I get them uploaded. Actually,  no promises. I might be too busy relaxing. We'll see.

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